Please help!!!!! Please...

Hello everyone!
I’ve got ton of rejections. This is one of my last track.

Please, help me. Tell what wrong in my mixing\mastering.
In advance, great thank’s to everyone, who write some recommendations!!!

Thank’s every one!

it sounds very good to me, maybe you can work with better quality string samples.

Thank you.)

Yeah it sounds really good to me either, just think that maybe the strings sound too artificial but thats nothing that would bother me

Thank you! Sad, that it was rejected.) Well, it mean that problem in music. I hope that if I write more formatted music of the same quality it will be approved.
Great thanks for your time and comment!!)

I think the mix is the problem. Guitar sounds too loud, strings also, try to balance it out better. And don’t use reverb on the watermark sample

Thank you! I’ll pay more attention to balance. But watermark has no reverb, goes straight to main master and there is no reverb on master too.
Thank you a lot!) I’ll be more careful with balance.