Please help newbie lost tweaker

I recently purchased Read WP. It’s a nice theme. So far, very few problems. However, my blog tagline wraps too late on Iphones, stranding the last word on a line by itself. I have tried editing the theme files (using a code snippet plugin) to allow html in the tagline field so that I can use a tag to show where I would like the tagline to break if a break is necessary. The edit requires the use of “echo html_entity_decode” and I keep getting an error message “unexpected echo.” I cannot tweak this to get around the error message and I am left with my blog tagline getting wrapped as described above on Iphones and Apple tablets. The blog is here I am looking forward to loading all kinds of cool stuff, but for now I am dead in the water as I obsess over this glitch.

In summary, what can I do to control how my tagline wraps on Apple machines?

Please help the Sewer Plant Shaman.


Have you contacted the author for help? That would be my first suggestion

I cannot see the issue you describe but this is an online tool :wink:

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