Please Help! Need Feedback on Wordpress Theme Hard Reject

We received a hard reject on our first Wordpress theme submission and we’re just looking for some feedback on it.

Here’s the message we received with the rejection:
“Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Omaka. Multi-Purpose Responsive Wordpress Starter Theme” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”



Doesn’t load on mobile

It’s one page and generic blog?

The design is very mediocre, laptop and “how we work” video don’t work.

Why would anyone buy this when there are numerous free themes with far more too them, multiple pages, features and functionality


First of all your your item is less than a Starter Theme because it is far of being accepted on the market.
Main issus: Typography, Colors, bad images and many other.

###I will list few important errors/issues visible on your current demo url:

  1. Massive issues on the search area. Hover problem. When you click on the search icon the entire content goes down :frowning:

  2. This laptop has no power? :smiley: Add some graphics on its desktop. Make it smaller.

  3. Too much Lorem Ipsum content. Add some real content. It seems unfinished.

  4. Is there a contact plugin missing?

  5. Same issue. Black boring section

  6. Spacing issues. Copyright text is not legible

  7. Your items seems to be One Page(Because you actually have only one page). If so, where is the sticky navigation? Otherwise, why all your links has “#” on href attribute?

  8. Too much white space. Spacing issues:

  9. Add a favicon

  10. Tables are a mess :frowning: Update colors / backgrounds

Final note: I can’t continue the review :frowning: Your item is far away from being accepted. You should check some approved items and learn how to use typography, spacing, colors.

One other suggestion is to make some kind of partnership with a designer to make designs for you, otherwise you should practice and practice.

Good Luck!

Hi, I have been using wordpress for a while ago.

Last time when i tried installing a theme on my website https://edumania.inEdumania, it didn’t worked.

How to encounter that? Please help.

Thanks and regards.