Please help! Need feedback on two rejected tracks.

Guys, i don’t know why, but for few months many of my uploaded tracks keep rejected. Last approval was in december. Please help me to understand what should i do with my tracks to get approved. I think it’s weak mixing/mastering, but i don’t know exactly what it is. Thank you in advance.

In the first one;

  • The kick is too high.
  • The guitar doesnt work for me. I would delete it and use the guitar intro as background.
  • The guitar at 1:00 doesnt work for me.
  • You need to work more in the mix and the mastering.
  • I feel sometimes there are guitars a little bit out of tempo.

Hope this can help.

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Thanks a lot! Wish you well.

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Hello! The first track is very monotonous, also in my opinion the mix does not sound very good!
The second track is the same.

As for the sidechain: if you make folk or corporate folk, then such a noticeable sidechain is not needed, this is not trance music. Your tracks seem calm (and not energetic like a trance, there it is more appropriate, not here), but the sidechain is a bit on the ears.
Good luck!

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Hi SingingHusky,

I thought these tracks have enough strength musically, which is the most important thing - I would focus on getting more clarity in the mix, and making some of the guitar sounds (in the first track esp.) more commercial - brighter, tighter and bang in tune. Think of adding more punctuation in the pauses, as that is an easy way to make the arrangement more stock-music friendly.

Best of luck!

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Thanks a lot! What do you mean by “punctuation in the pauses”?

You could shorten the decay of some sounds when they hit the pause/ maybe have less sounds ringing out. Generally it’s about definition and having a clear intention throughout, so keep that in mind and it’ll be easier to make the right choices. Good luck!

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Thank you!