Please help, my logo rejected, I do not understand why.

Hello everybody,I was refused six times already, I do not understand why,if someone can help me, I will be very grateful,Here, for example, this logo.chto not so with him


.ai (illustrator CC)
.jpg (white background)
.png (transparent background)


Full vectors
100% editable and scalable
Editable colors
CMYK colors
Free fonts

That is not a logo, difficulty to get a meaning/concept behind.

Design something simple, meaningful, easy to understand and not too specific.
Choose good typography and color that will match your design

All the best

Not keen on the black, I’d go with very dark grey. The font looks far too simple… is it Ariel or something? The icon seems too big for the text. I’m assuming it’s some kind of thought bubble/cloud… but it also looks like a monster vomiting something on the text… it’s a bit too cluttered The line surrounding the thought cloud needs a lot of work, very rough and ready and inconsistent… the line where it ends on the right is too thin. The blue colour is nice.

Personally, I’d start from scratch. Or try something in a different category, as logos are hard to get approved these days. There’s a lot of competition.

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Thank you, thank you for having responded.