Please, help me.

“Hard rejected” on AJ, what’s wrong with this track? - Summer Walking loop

Hi @anon9432587!

From my own pattern of rejects/approvals, I`d guess two things:

  1. Your Vienna whistler :wink: is too prominent in the mix, overbearing everything else, and as a consequence, feeling hollow, not as pretty as solo instrument should appear, sitting in the mix.

  2. Despite the ideas you`ve tried to bring into the music, the arrangement is static, and I sense its one of the major checklist items with AJ reviewers now. The musical idea could be simpler, but overall impression should be of “breathing” piece, where stuff happens. As a music theoretic with a degree in the field, I would also agree, that for a casual listener, different instrumentation elements, small changes etc. would be much more apparent than strictly melodic/harmonic development. I guess we all need a balance between the two :slight_smile:

Hope you nail it next time!

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Hi! I agree with @Soundlufs. Static arrangement (that make track to boring) and whistle. Try to make your song more dynamical and I hope it will be ok for AJ. Good luck!

Thanks for advice, but the duration of this track - 30 seconds. This is a loop, which MUST be static for this duration. For example.

Another one rejection without any reason. What’s wrong with this track?

Really nice track! On the phone it sounds like a steel string without a use of a pick. Maybe that.

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It is true that once upon the authors-sellers have been invited for “reviewing”? And now the authors-sellers reviewed the other authors-sellers?