Please Help Me

I am Uploading CV. 5 Days Ago , I am Log in Today my Graphicriver Account . I am Upload Item Not Showing ( Currently processing uploads) but i am not receiving any mails Reject Reason . What Happen .

With respect you are a long way off in a super crowded category.

On the first part - there are alignment issues but the bigger issue is the second part.

  • You would never have a letter that is entirely in caps
  • odd styling between the recipient, main content and date
  • the “sincerely” off to one side and hugely spaced from the rest of the content
  • the image at the top (which again I am not sore is suitable for a letter) has zero spacing top/bottom

hi this is clean and tasteful to a certain extent but quite frankly also this is definitely too flat and dull , in the meanwhile too. The main problem is without a doubt the flatness due to the fact that there is very little graphic design into what u have done here and if the cleanliness and the nice effect right next to the photo must be ket this is really not enough at this stage and this is decreasing gamely the commercial potential of your item … after all why buying an item that could be redone rather quickly and easily and would not allow u to really save some time? not to mention that there would be issues that people would have to fix in any case …
the main issue of the item being too flat is echoed in the typo as well , there are too limited variations, font combinations and touches or originality in what u haver right now … and most importantly the hierarchy is having major problems … look, the name and function appear as really secondary information … titles are way bigger and subtitles are appearing as somehow more punchy than titles despite u used a bigger font for titles … the white space on the left of titles is a missed attempt originality in a way as this is producing misbalance and is sort of making your item not as clean as it could have been without it , too

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but why i am not received Reject mail

hi did u check your spam folder? it frequently happened that some authors had it there …

can i check but not received mail in Spam Folder

if the thing item disappeared from the dashboard this certainly means that there is a hard rejection … but u can try to contact the help center if u feel like the thing is strange