Please help me with a copyright issue


I have an item on codecanyon that was illegally uploaded on [REMOVED]. If have sent them a DMCA notice from my gmail id with my profile link and original item link on codecanyon and look at what they responded with -


We have received your abuse complaint and our Abuse Department has looked into the situation.

Unfortunately, we are unable to process your request because of the following reasons:

Email address doesn’t match the legal owner domain name. Please
resend us the abuse from the email showing the owners email… example:
Or provide us the page where we can see, that your email is displaid, showing that you are the content owner.
Anonimouse emails like:,,
email etc… often is used by the fake content owners.
Please provide us the proof that you are owner of this content.
(contract scan or your ID, or any other legal document which aproves
that you are the content owner or representer)

Please respond to abuse.manager@[REMOVED].com

Thank you for your time.

Best regards,

[REMOVED]cc Abuse Department

Please suggest me what can I do with it.