Please Help Me ... Why This HTML Template, has been rejected????

Demo Link-

Maybe to prevent spread of misinformation since your template is more like a website and not a template. Also maybe because it doesn’t meet the minimum requirements.

thanks for reply…
this problem are tell me in soft rejected…ok no problem…
do you find more problem in this file…

Just to let you know, website hides the information when the screen width is small. I mean you could ignore that but there is always the possibility of the website being accessed from a smartwatch.

Even if this item had all the features of the market, why would anyone buy it?

Who knows, maybe the buyer just wants it out of the blue :slight_smile:


The design is beautiful but not mobile-friendly at all. Right click and observe your application with the mobile options at the top. I think you have to make it mobile-friendly and send it again.

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Thanks all…spend your important time…thanks again.

I got really good information from this content.thanks for sharing.