Please Help Me Why My Music Rejected For Quality Standard !?

Hey Mates
I’m Babak bazgosha, Edm Music Producer & Started Selling Since 2019 In Audio Jungle…But More Of My Songs Is Hard Rejected For Quality Standard…Please Listen To The Last Song That Was Hard Rejected ! Please Tell Me What Is The Problem In My Song ?!
Song Link :

Hi @babakbazgosha,

what I noticed hearing your song:

  • you’re using the same 4-bar chord progression without any change from start to the end. The only changes you made are adding and subtracting insruments. There is not really a song evolving.
  • the used claps and finger snaps are sticking too much out in my opinion
  • the end of the song comes a bit unexpected

Of course, I don’t know, if tese are the reasons for the hard rejection, but that’s what I noticed.