Please help me why my logos are rejected?

fish logo king fisher push it

You got rejected because you logos are nowhere near nowadays global standards.

Can you help me? please!

hi well u have to deal with a big collection of problems … if i were i would try to identify modern trends … logos with shapes being subtracted from others , using much the pathfinder , for instance … at the moment, what u have here , globally , look very outdated. To be honest with u, the only thing that i feel has a little bit interest or potential is the king fisher logo … anyway, let’s get into deeper analysis …

i do not know if u realize how very unadapted this loto turns out to be for a marketplace and logo template … to sum up and make u realize, look, the only people potentially interesting with such an item would be people having exactly the same letters … so in short , u have absolutely no commercial potential whatsoever here … and thus why would a reviewer accept an item with no chance to be sold in anyway? Let’s also face it … there is nothing here … the thing can be redone is less than five minutes, without it takes particular skills and thus not much time, which once again means that the potential to have the item accepted and selling is 0 … of the main issues otherwise is the following, i personally see no concept at all here , this maybe ok for a custom logo design for a company but this is the guaranty for a logo template not to go anywhere …

alfa tank
sorry to say just this but i did not even recognize the alpha letter here , so, in other words, the concept falls apart … besides, still about the concerned concept, i am not really sure that there is a real potential of mixing this letter with a tank … not to mention that i do not feel like that u have manage to create any “wow effect” visually speaking so that people feel like “never mind” so to speak … once again the execution is far for standards , too, this looks very plain, this is easy to redo in an instant and this decreases gamely the potential that the item may have had if it were good enough a concept … typo and illustration do not look much connected and same goes with the name and tagline, u have a bit hierarchy, variation and relief , yes , but ni harmony here … pls also pay attention to colors … putting a tank in red color not only makes no sense at all but when u mix this with blue and black colors, the nonsense gets to the next level. Needless to say that the harmony and balance resulting from this are definitely missing … finally u have an imbrication issue when it comes to the vertical version

fish logo
sorry to say just this, pls do not take this personally , ok, as i guess u felt like doing your best , but at the moment, the illustration part looks like a 5-year-old child one … there is no way u can expect anything in a professional marketplace like this with such a problem in terms of execution, not to mention that the style of the concerned association loos pretty outdated to say the least … moreover , illustration and text parts look completely disconnected from each other , they look more “pasted” with each other rather than composed …mixing curvy lines with a way straighter typo like this definitely does not work and does not generate harmony … hard to understand the color combination, too. This is even harder to understand why there is no blue at all in the text part so that u increase the “disconnection feeling”

king fisher
for me this is the best by far … even if there is a dee vu feeling a bit and that text and illustration are not matching well enough yet … why having this old fashioned italic here ? i do not get it … why mixing blue and green too? choosing complementary colors, shades of the same colors or theme code colors are usually smart and safe choices

push it
i am sorry i have no idea what the concept is here …is that for a locksmith? what is the illustration all about pls, i have no idea … anyway, mixing the name in the illustration maybe be cool for a custom design that u create for a company , this is a big mistake for a logo template indeed …the typo is also not matching perfectly and is definitely flat and sort of “tasteless”. Choosing the green color on a white background is not making much sense as this does not look like an environment related logo and u failing to have contrast enough and to make your design more outstanding in the process …


Thank you bro.
This is very helpful for me.

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u are welcome, keep on doing your best , spend much time, make a lot of efforts , this way u will take your game to the next level , which is very important in the long run …

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