Please help me why my logo is rejected?

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hi , as for me the illustration part looks rather nice, indeed. The color choice is not making much sense , nor is it selling your item but at least the illustration looks nice and there is a concept, too. However, let’s face it, the typo part looks completely disconnected from the rest , as if u had been creating with parts independently from each other and had just pasted them right next to each other afterwards … the inter lettering is not appropriate for the name. I do not understand the difference of green from one part to the other. This contributes to disconnect a bit both parts more than any other thing. the imbrication of both parts is not convincing, also due to the fact that both illustration and text parts are not matching in terms of style. The positioning of the main name and related tagline can be improved, too. At least this time, in my view , u have a cool base to work with, if u manage to improve the typo, bring some harmony between both parts and achieve to give the logo a bit more relief or “effect” u can expect to possibly have it approved, I guess :slight_smile:

I didn’t understand the inter lettering mean

the space between all the letters buddy … there is too much space at this stage, this looks strange in this context …