Please help me why my logo is rejected?

Hi mohsinshahzad459981,

  • There is no design pattern in your logo, no meaning. I can’t find why you are associating the “Planet” word with your logo.
  • Curls are not consistent, the oscillation is very visible.
  • Top and bottom extremities of the “E” seems lazily finished.
  • On my screen, the most visible part in your logo is something like a white “claw” invading a circle, and it clearly is not the purpose of your logo.
  • In fact, I think your item is far to get approved, there are other issues I could list. I would recommend you to start a brand new art.

Keep doing your best and improving, hope you can get approved someday :+1:

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hi why did u post this logo again in this thread? i had already answered to u in another one a while ago and nothing has change about the logo …

Uploaded by mistake