Please help me understand why this item is hard-rejected?

hi this is globally but that bad if u ask me, though there are some major issues according to me. The first one is that the overlay layer that u have put , of course is introducing some texture and this is not bad in a way , the problem is that this also making the flyer look “dirty” or giving it a grunge style which is not much in keeping with the theme, to say the least. Maybe most importantly again, what is even more an issue is that the concerned overlay is making text more difficult to read , especially in the services area , which makes very little sense … if u are a gym, you print a flyer - after buying it and editing it - what u are necessarily expecting for is to promote your brand and valuing your services to make people realize that u have what they are searching for and also to make the place look clean for potential subscribers. In this optic your work is not hitting the bull’s eye for that matter, at least at the moment and let alone the rest , this can explain why the item did not make it for sale, if u wish. The second issue is that there is nothing highly original in here according to me, we have seen many items in the same colors, using the same disposition and so on. Not to mention that there are a variety of things that could be stronger , starting with the hierarchy of information. Is “sign up” making sense and really has to be valued like this , when “free trial” is way less visible, for instance? The phone number is in an impact zone and could be considered as a “call for action” button and why not making it a “higher level information” (at this stage it still look like a rather secondary information). The readability of a good deal of texts is not good enough, too. The fact of the matter is that if you put some text , u are expecting them to be read or why are they here n the end? Putting texts on complex background makes them hard to read so that u have find solutions to deal with this issue, what u have failed to do until now. Worse again, u are even on the verge of violating a basic design principle, ie: contrast, when u place some too small white subtitle on a yellow surface. As most of the guys u had trouble to deal with the slanted shape that u ave created … this is always more difficult to handle such shapes when it comes to placing all the elements harmoniously. In this case, u resulted with spacing issues and some global organization problem, which led u to place footer texts too close from the bottom edge (so that this is not breathing enough), so that the pacing between the upper margin - the logo and the slanted shape is not the proper one … The bullet with the discount, apart from looking really bad in my view, also looks “choking” with too much information inside that is not valued or punchy either so that the content is given the due attention and impact

Thanks for your comment
now I understand what is the problem my design

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i hope so, then good work and good luck :slight_smile: if u feel like u have enough clues, u can choose to check the solution box :slight_smile:

It is redetected because you fail to understand the basics design principles.