Please help me understand why my WordPress plugin is rejected.

I uploaded a WordPress plugin an WooCommerce Add on to be specific to add new shipping method and related features. But it is rejected with message " We have completed our review of “Distance Rate Shipping For Woocommerce Pro” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again." But with nothing specifics about what was wrong it it. In addition it says I will not be able to re-submit this item again, Does it mean this plugin is a waste now or I can make required changes and re-upload it again? Please help me through this. If you want i can provide you plugin files also for testing.

Yes, there’s not much enough or good features ( assuming the rest is ok ) on your plugin therefor you cannot re-submit it again

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Hello ki-theme,

First of all thanks for replying. But I did not get your answer clear. You said this plugin is waste in title and then said you can re-submit it again. Does it mean I can re-submit it but with more new features that adds value to it. Let me know if my understanding it clear. or let me know if this plugin is actually a waste and non-publishable. Thanks in advance for helping on these matter.

sorry, typo. You cannot*
There’re lots of options for “shipping methods” along with the free ones at WordPress.Org. You gotta find a better idea to get the item approval but most likely you will have to change the plugin and start again

I’m sorry to hear that your plugin was rejected. It’s not uncommon for plugins to be rejected from the WordPress Plugin Directory if they don’t meet the guidelines or standards.

To answer your question, it means that you will not be able to submit this specific version of the plugin again. However, you can certainly make changes to the plugin and try submitting it again as a new version.

If you’d like to know why your plugin was rejected, you may want to contact the WordPress Plugin Directory team and ask for more specific feedback on the issues they found. This can help you to understand what changes you need to make in order to have your plugin accepted in the future.