Please help me understand what is going on

Hello, Something strange happened to one of my designs. The PSD was approved ab 3 months ago. It had pretty good sales ( 20, which is pretty ok for a psd file) Later, the HTML version was released and it has good sales as well ( over 100 so far) . Now we did the WP version and we got soft rejected due to the reason: Design needs improvements. We made some minor changes because we did not want to lose the design’s felling and we wrote the reviewer this , but after 30 min we got soft rejected again with the same design issue. How is this normal???

I have seen before, in threads like this, that the problem was not that the design was not good…the problem was that it wasn’t perfectly followed, it wasn’t pixel perfect implemented compared to the PSD design. (maybe in the HTML version it was, but in the WordPress version it wasn’t)

This crossed my mind but the design followed 100% the psd .I actually checked this … The second time the reviewer says that the design is to similar to existing items. So, should I just make a new design that doesn’t look like the PSD and HTML , but name it the same?

this can happen now? It’a bit scarry since we all have partnersips designer-coder on accepted psd’s. I’m requesting staff reply. @matthewcoxy