Please help me understand what I have to do

Hi, I’m new in audiostocks and maybe even in composition, I’m completely sure that this track will be rejected, so to not wait for the check time, please help me understand what’s wrong with this track.
I have a huge desire to work on audiostocks and compositions, have free time, I listen to the received tracks constantly and analyze them, but sometimes I just do not understand what I need to do to make the track sound like it should. Please help me.

Listening off my phone, but it sounds very quantized and midi. Maybe try and create it to sound more real

Thanks for the answer, I left this song for a few days, and just now I heard it again, I do not know why I decided to put it on public display, it’s just disgusting. Mixed like a SHT and really sounds too mechanical. The music that I wrote just for myself sounds more alive than this recording .It’s probably necessary to spend a few years of my life to start earning on it)). Anyway any criticism is important to me, thank you.

Before uploading and sending tracks, take breaks and critically listen to it, compare with other tracks, listen to the AJ best sellers, etc. Focus on improving your ears and taste. Watch mixing and production tutorials. The first thing jumping to my ears is the bass sounding too unnatural, like a bass preset from some cheap vst, and you started the track with the bass alone. Try to imagine yourself as a random person who doesn’t know you and your music. What would he/she think of this track if it is the first time listening to it. Also try to imagine the music in some multimedia context like a commercial, video game, radio, trailer, vlog, etc. It is meant to fit in the picture (except for radio). Im saying all this because you said you were new. I hope it helps.

Thanks, these are very important tips for me.