Please help me understand the reason for the refusal

I received a rejection on Videohive and Elements, but I don’t understand the reason. Maybe because of the large number of functions? But I have attached a tutorial in which everything is quite simply told. I would not say that the theme of the backgrounds is not relevant, because they are still being added, but here I propose to make my own pattern from the proposed options

Hi, the project does seem interesting and very customizable, as for an easter background generator.

I think it was rejected not cause of the customizability but cause of the type of project it is - just one moving background with different icons and graphical settings.

The first problem is the demand for this type of product. You can find lots of easter backgrounds in both image and video format online for free. So if I don’t want the exact layout of this background why should I get it? It’s just one layout and one animation with different icons and styles. I would rather save money and choose from dozen of free easter themed videos online from free stock sites. So overall I would say you failed to evaluate the commercial potential of such a project, which is low in my opinion, and in the eyes of Envato this is only a big minus for your project.

The second problem is what you actually offer. Just one animated background, with a variety of icons in different colors/styles. If you truly wanted such a project to sell you would need to create 100+ backgrounds in lots of different styles, preferably combined with simple logo animations or text animations. Cause again you need to give the user a reason to choose this over free alternatives. So you either give more variety in unique styles and other extra features, than free stock video sites, or else why buy this?

So overall your customizability options are applaudable, good job on that! But I think Envato thought that this project offers too little to be accepted and to sell and so it was rejected.

P.S. in my opinion, overall, users don’t care about the customizability of line thickness etc. Better create 10 logo animations than 100 options to customize a line in a background.

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Thank you for such a detailed analysis. The idea was simply to make this the main template and offer other possibilities in the future. Now a similar project is ready, but on the topic of space with new features. Reverse animation, neon glow icons and more stylized backgrounds. Further plans are to do it all for 3D icons, and considering that one of the popular author Giraffe often adds backgrounds and are in demand, I decided to offer a customized version. Thanks again, I will think about more functions and remove unnecessary ones. Potentially I want to make sure that everyone can insert their own image and create an individual pattern. Good luck to you!

P.S. By the way, could the fact that I made a mistake in the preview serve as a refusal? By the end of the video, the text there described not what was happening on the screen, but what had happened earlier

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Definitely don’t worry about this :smiley: As long as your product is good and the preview looks good, no one cares about any editing or grammatical mistakes of the preview (within reason).

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There are many rejections, i dont know the reason.