Please help me understand if this track is ready .. thanks

this corporate track, do you think it’s ready for audio jungle? the mix seems good and in line with the market, I added some parts that change so as to give a little variety. thanks

help please


The melody that starts at 0:39 (I don’t know what kind of instrument it is) is almost inaudible. So it seems that 40 seconds have passed from begining and nothing has changed in the track.

And from 0:57 to 1:14, that instrument, which is still hard to hear, is now making some kind of mess in the mix. I mean, there is already a feeling that of some sort of mess from the sounds. The problem is a bad-thought-out arrangement, in my opinion. I mean, there is a bad mixing and balance.
And it’s too repeatable…
(Also, the ending I wouldn’t make so abrupt.)

But this is just my opinion…

Wish you good luck!

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thank you!!