Please help me to resolve my issue?!?

Please help to resolve my issue. I made a corporate track, and its versions. The mood of the latest version is not a corporate, but more ambient. What can i do for better and right result? Upload as archive all items at one pack or last version upload as ambient track (for example), separately? Can i do like that, because all these versions of the same project? It will be right?
This is main theme:

Second version:

Thanks for you help!

Hmmm ! Nice tracks ! And they really are very similar. I think that the second track you should be called “Lite” or “Ambient Version” and put them into one archive. The second version will improve the commercial interest of the first one.

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Thanks for you reply!! Really stuck to resolve this issue…

Hi, Synthezx.
fully agree with Mr. Grivanov.

p.s. nice tracks :+1:

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Thank you again! One more question. Please tell me, when it is best to upload it? Ahead of the weekend, whether it makes sense to upload now or wait a little bit better?

I think today evening or friday morning. It will be reviewed monday-tuesday.

Thanks again!!! You very help me!!