Please help me to know what are the mistakes with this logo

Dear Author Graphic River.
I’ve created this logo, and sold it here on the Graphic River. I’ve sent it yesterday and today I got an email that my logo design was rejected.
I’m so glad if assisted to know what the mistakes are so I can make a better design for the next one
Thank you for your Enlightenment

hi if u ask me this is all about the typo part … the illustration part is as good as original if u ask me, but let’s face it , the typo part needs a good deal of work indeed …first of all the used fonts are not matching with the illustration. Name and tagline are not imbricating, indeed , all elements look “pasted” right next to each other without creating a whole and some harmony indeed. There is a small issue about the color too … this looks a bit dull in a general way … u need to find a way to make your item look more punchy visually and possibly to introduce 2 colors instead of one only … think about harmony too … u should have a tagline that is bolder indeed …so that the “style” is in all elements …