Please help me to know what are the mistakes with this illustration.

please half me : (

Although it’s supposed to be a minimalist design, I’m not sure it was executed properly.

The first point is that there’s a very small point sticking out from behind the white part on the right side. Things need to be perfect in these sort of illustrations, so small mistakes like that won’t get a pass.

You have 2 different light directions, which doesn’t make sense seeing as this is an outdoors scene with natural light. The houses and bushes look as if they’re being lit from the bottom center of the scene, but even then, the shadows under the roofs don’t match up with that idea. Make a reference point for yourself somewhere in the scene where the sun would be, the think about the shape of each object and create the shadows according to the suns position.

The roofs are too flat. Typically roofs aren’t perfectly flush with the house, they should have a slight overhang, which you do somewhat represent with the shadows, but the roofs should also extend out from the sides as well.

The windows are too square, especially for being on different angles, you should try to adjust them so they fit better with the perspective.

Overall too flat, try adding some texture if you can. Take a look at THIS ITEM which is a great example of how you can add more life and dimension to minimalist illustrations and designs. This is also a current trend which I personally really like. (The item I linked is for Photoshop, but I believe it’s possible to get a similar look with Illustrator using other means).

The clouds are all the same, try having a bit of variety, and make them a bit more interesting.

The scene looks like it could be based in Greece or Italy. Try adding a bit more characteristics of these places.

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thank you :blush: