Please help me to find this finaly

Okay guy i want to ask who maybe know the original theme name on this website:
I’m searching for original name of this template for two months. I think that is best to post here because this is themeforest part

It looks like a custom theme and is on Joomla

Info from css file

Please just contact with autor via website.

Greetings, Piotr

I know that is Joomla, but it’s not 100% custom theme, i talked with chief of author and they are wierd, i just asked for original name and they blocked comunication with me…

it doesn’t look like a theme they have bought, it doesn’t follow the normal “rules” when building a premium theme, the code looks too cluttered.

They may have used a theme originally and customized it so much that it just doesn’t look / feel like a theme you can buy.

I found one site too with very similar template: but this template is not on any software
I just want template like those two websites. I need for news, so i want fullscreen header(that post picture on background) & slider like that, but i dont know to code it…

Hi, After “inspect element” I found author in style css headers . . This is a custom theme based on a theme from this author.

Thank you, i founded too… but theme is not there…