Please help me to be a better designer ! :) (logo problems)

I had this logo hard rejected yesterday and I’m very sad because the envato team didn’t gave me feedback on what’s wrong with it so please help me to be a better artist! There are soo many talented designers here ! :kissing_closed_eyes:
About myself : I’m not a professional designer . I’m still learning how to make great designs and I thought it was a good one ( I have 10 more logos to upload but im too afraid at moment) :cry:

My ideas on why it was hard rejected:
1 .) Its simply VERY bad . :smile:
2. ) It’s too “violent” (but hey, the bear is smiling and wearing an aviator helmet! - haha)
3.) Its not enough simple / symbolic / flat (maybe but i have a lots of cartoon logos with same amount of details and my customers loves them - in envato marketplaces too!)

What’s your opinion? Please help me out! Thanks! :kiss:

ps: sorry for my bad enlgish :innocent:

IMHO this is not really a logo, but an illustration / cartoon. Also, a bear strapped to a rocket really narrows down the usage potential. So I would go with option 3, it’s not simple and symbolic enough. Nice illustration btw :smile:

I think any logo/graphic depicting an animal strapped to a bomb will get automatically rejected :smile: by the way, what is your target audience for this??

Haha, but it’s “just” a rocket. No one gets hurt, i swear! :smiling_imp:

Hmm, maybe for motivational / goal achievement related companies? Sometimes we need a little " push " to achieve our goals :smile: Originally this was for a motivational company which forcing their “lazy” clients to do their jobs or achieve their goals in a funny way .

Thank you ! :blush: Maybe I will upload it again, but now in the vector graphic section

I will tell you otherwise. In this way, you oblige customers, to name their companies “Bears and Rocket” because it is an illustration of a bear and a rocket. There is no hidden meaning and symbol. Good Luck m8 :smile:

Yeah, I think it could be a usefulness issue. I mean, it’s a bear, it couldn’t really pass for anything else. Maybe a dog at a push. And it’s a rocket, so you could probably get away with missile. But companies are then limited to the following names…

Bear and Rocket
Dog and Rocket
Rocket and Dog
Rocket and Bear
Missile and Dog
Missile and Bear
Bear and Missile
Missile and Dog

If they call themselves anything else, then the logo is just going to confuse people. And, aside from those who just want a quirky name, the main industry that might need a cartoon style rocket on their logo would be the fireworks industry, and strapping an animal to one of their fireworks would be a bit irresponsible. Space Industries might need a rocket, but it’s not really the right style for a space agency logo!

It’s a great design though, I like it!

Yes, nice design, probably just the subject matter that put them off, Envato don’t want to sell a Teddy Bear strapped to a rocket, (especially nowdays with the nutters about).

If your other designs are this good, then l would load up the one with the least amount of negative emotional issues, but it sometimes takes quite a few rejections to get one through initially.


awesome keep it up body !! hey i can give you a link to a something more advanced …i you check this out you can improve or redesign many things on your current logo …clik here