Please help me to back money

I want to back my money which i have gived to lovetravel theme!Please help me!!!

Refund info here but bear in mind you have to have a valid reason as outlined in that link.

why should u ask for money back? the item was validated after a reviewing / quality control and if u bought it it seems that u like it … so what would justify that u ask for such a thing? the guy who sold u had his item downloaded and could he make ure that u really stop using or u do not make something else that is wrong with it?


Because I can not install demo version and they do not answer to me!!!

yes so try to ask a guy on envato studio … it will be a bit more expensive but what? 10 years ago a website was worth hundreds or thousands of dollars , nowadays u have one for less than 50 …

i understand that in this case this is a bit more justified than in all cases but this way of doing is allowing all theother guys with bad intentions to do the same as u ask … and this is much of a problem too

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Hi @Yusif86,

@nicdark, the author of “Love Travel” theme declares support response time to be up to 1 business day, however please remember about possible time zone differencies. You may need to wait a bit more, I’m pretty sure the author will come up with a solution :slight_smile:

Also please make sure you are using correct support channel:


What @LucaThemesCom said but, with respect installation is outside of support policy and would not warrant a refund.

@LucaThemesCom Thanks so much!But I have been waiting for 5 days.And also I cant enter their system for supporting. @charlie4282 I have installed demo version but It doesn’t work normally.I have a problem about the design.I deal with it some days.

Thanks @LucaThemesCom for tagging me in this conversation about my work. We are currently waiting for a response from the customer to solve his problems.