please help me, resume always reject

Please help him to find his mistake

Choice of wrong colors, poor design.

to be honest i can do same thing with microsoft word … the design is not really attractive and lot of font mistake and spacing.

Hi, Unfortunately, this resume design needs alot of work. They layout is off, the colors are off, and is just not clean. I think you should search resume’s on Graphicriver and have a look and study the quality of designs that have already been accepted into the marketplace. Most importantly continue working and getting better and keep designing. good luck

Thanks for helping, i think my computer is problematic, after i uploaded in this forum, i see its color is very problem

How to know the problem on color, because on my computer, all look good and after upload in this forum i see all the problems on color

Then you have the wrong color mode.
For web previews using RGB, CMYK for printing.