please help me /Rejected project

Hello All
I had uploaded this video but it was rejected.
What are the reasons. Could you explain about all the details?

Who knows. Ive been rejected twice now and my stuff is definately better than stuff I hear on Audiojungle. Someof the stuff accepted is simply just really bad. Makes no sence.

according to me, the pictures is too small and maybe frames can be more cleaner. Plus, as the background comes to the fore more than necessary.

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Work on those keyframes a bit more, especially those of the photographs. They start and stop too abrupt. Also, when they are shown, it is too static, you should always have some kind of motion.

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Design and animation of landscape is very nice. You wasting lot of time with photos and they are not belong to that landscape artistically. Instead of photos maybe you can add text in middle of landscape layers and make project flow faster. You have to work on packshot too. You have already nice enviroment and movements, dont broke it in packshot. So instead of 1:34 length photo gallery make it 20-25 sec. celebration. You should certainly get rid of those polaroids. Too much old fashion.

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I’m really thankful to those friends who replied to my question.

what do you mean by “packshot”?

When they mention in the rejection email that “the current project can’t be uploaded anymore” does it really mean I can’t upload it even if I change it a lot?

End scene of the project. If you fix it good of course you can upload it again.

The project needs to be seriously overdone to be resubmitted again. The keyframes are your main problem that makes this not look or feel good, but after that is solved you should work on more diversity, not so much repetition, adding more details etc.

If the new product has significant changes to it that it almost can be considered a different product then you can submit it again.

But I’m not an envato official, so that is just my interpretation of this line.