Please help me out with a bug in Flatsome

Hello guys!

I’m using Flatsome with Wordpress and Woocommerce and I am very satisfied :slight_smile:
I do however have a small yet annoying problem.

When changing the cart icon to a custom icon, the icon goes from being grey to black (and no hover-effect which normally is grey turning black on hover). This makes the cart icon stand out from the newsletter and wishlist icon. I tried investgating the css but did not have any luck here.

Do you guys know how to fix this?

Example can be seen here: Unavngivet — ImgBB


In flatsome theme header Cart icon has made with pur css no icon code as like fontawesome there. the cart icon has made with border css and other css as like :after and has used class: cart-icon image-icon

So, if you want too use your own icon then you have to write your own css to reflect the icon and on hover.