Please help me my psd is soft rejected :(

Hi to all:

My psd is soft rejected, please explain what says below:

  1. There is some format issues in your item description, remember you can use HTML or Markdown to improve it.

  2. Please revisit line height right now it’s too big, to improve readability in web design it’s recommend to use 1.5em of line height, you can use this tool: to convert px to em’s.

  3. Typography in general looks pixelated, please take a look on that.

  4. VISUAL HIERARCHY: The visual hierarchy of this item requires additional work. Focus on better defining which areas of this item should demand more attention and creating a logical structure to the design. For more information, please read:

  5. TYPOGRAPHIC HIERARCHY: The typographic hierarchy of this item requires additional work. For more information, please read:



  1. there is a broken HTML tag in the item’s description…
  2. you need to ajust the line height 24pt (in photoshop) will be good
  3. he meant that your text doesn’t have a specific font size because you might be resized it
  4. the header headline “welcome to …” is too big , section titles as well … in the about section you might need to make “hi my name is…” bold or increase the font size.

Generally the template needs more work (Typography - visual heirachy ) .

i also suggest to work on the color pallete it seems too old and ugly.
in the video section and make an appointement section , it will be better to make it two colums and add more contenet to it, pricing needs more styling, remove the map border in the footer.

i hope my feedback was helpful.

Good luck.

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Many thanks for your help me :slight_smile: regards…