please help me, my item is rejected

is there anybody who can give me suggestions to fix it… ???

I can hardly even tell if it’s supposed to be a business card. None of it works for me, at all. I’m afraid you’ll just need to keep working on your design abilities and improve a lot before you can upload something here.


Your design business card is too basic for so hard rejected your need see for example other deisgns on graphicriver for give any idea for make card business approved graphicriver, good luck, regards.


thanks for the advice, I try harder

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My dear your design is too basic, you need to practice a lot to improve your designs. Don’t be disappointed and give up easily…Checkout other best authors’ works form content organization, color selection to typography. Hope you will learn something. Good luck.


Dari desainnya udah bagus bro, kalo menurut saya attachment nya mungkin, atau ada kesalahan pada file mentahnya, item saya juga banyak yang di reject, upload 10 item yang di approve cuma 1, hahaha

Keep practicing. There are plenty of YouTube videos explaining how to improve graphics and design skills. Good luck!