Please help me, my Flyer was rejected, why? This is the second time that I try to go up to Envato.

Looks like the thorn paper is low res. Your elements are too close to margins. The blue effect is placed arbitrary.


Hello DesignSomething, thanks for your time with me. I will take your comments into consideration and change as soon as possible, I am sure it has added me a lot.

hi, i agree with what @designsomething said globally. But i would like to complete the « reviewing » by giving u other clues of what to do and where to take your take your item so that this gets better indeed. First of all u have to realize that eyes have a traditional way to come across a document , no matter what it is, i usually call this z-shape reading process. This is a very essential part as this is basically determining impact zones and where things must be placed so that u can give them the right exposure, attention and readbility. The fact of the matter is that u did nothing according to this and that the way texts are written, the decoration , the size and so on tend to prove just this. Indeed, top left corner , bottom right and the very center of the canvas are places where elements have the biggest impact indeed. This basically means that the logo is not properly placed for instance , it should rather be placed in the top left corner and right bottom corner, as commonly accepted. U have to identify that to have a properly determined hierarchy , it takes u to have a coherent organization of elements and texts in particular. This should be either for the user to get to know what is important / primary information and what is not that crucial / secondary / side texts. At the moment , u have all kinds of sizes, decorations and so on and this rather contributes to have the eyes getting lost in the process of attempting to read more than any other thing. Color do not help by the way and and are tending to level all at the same level out of lack of contrast on the main title for instance. U have to figure this out, title must be outstanding, the first thing that u notice and , globally and apart from this , the « when, where, who » is prevailing. As mentioned rightfully so by @designdsomething, your texts - at least a good deal of them, are misplaced - this is dangerous as nothing should be either in the trimline area and the safety zone so that nothing is cut in the printing, not to mention that this issue is not a small as this is bringing some real significant trouble as far as breathing goes. If u give texts or elements a « choking environment » they will not have the expected exposure and impact and this will impact the item badly visually speaking, too. Otherwise, the model maybe be interesting but the hair looks like a mess and appears as badly cut more than any other thing, which is not a positive thing. The armpit part is not any better, it looks as if u had a different background than anywhere else … definitely ruining the visual … The logo like this , this is really killing the visual, too. The fact of the matter is that i recommend u to invest some time to create a professional looking logo that will make your item look better rather than the other way around. The typo is a very big issue as well … indeed, let’s face it , u are far from standards with what u have right now … the whole thing is too flat, lacking relief, there is not enough font combinations, variations, decorations and touches of originality , besides the typo is in no way reflecting the style that u determine through the picture or the central titles in the back. AS partly mentioned beforehand, the organization is doubtful and is challenging when it comes to find the information, in other words, the flyer right now is not really efficient for a user and thus probably not much for a buyer as well … (also due to what i explained regarding the lack of impact of the logo, the placement and everything). Finally , the torn paper is really grunge, this may be a style but this is also clearly not aesthetic , too, u have to realize about this.


Hello @n2n44 , very good your comment. This will undoubtedly bring me growth. In fact, what is at stake is how Envato’s criteria are and your experience will help me a lot. I apologize for the typos, I don’t speak English well and I looked for the Google translator and this caused me some embarrassment. Thank you for the class you gave me about those lines you wrote, not to mention the time you invested in helping me, I see this as a privilege. I never tire of learning, despite my long experience, I learn every day … and of course, everything is a matter of criteria, which is beautiful for some, for others it may just be an attempt to create something. You were an incredibly fair, detailed and very consistent professional !!

Thank @n2n44 :slight_smile:

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do not apologize, your english is very good and i do not see what kind of help such a tool may have given to someone with good skills like u indeed. I did not attend to give “a lesson” but rather tried to make the most of my knowledge and experience to highlight some things that u may not have been aware of indeed. This is good , u have a positive attitude in any case and a good base to work with so no doubt that u will manage to step up to the plate :slight_smile:

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It helped me a lot, so much that I’m already applying it to other projects of mine.
Nice to meet you !!

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