Please help me , my first item always rejected

Can please someone help me to find the problem and understand why i cant get approve for my first item ?
Please help me to upload my first one

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Hello @misterdesigner1

Please share your work here so people can see it and tell you their professional opinions :blush:


Please upload your image for we can help with you thank you.

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PSD screens & img (for client)

product page

Info Documentation

change background

Text for item page on the website :

headline : Screen Mock-Ups


· iPhone 7

· iPad Air

· iPhone X

i did thank you !

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i did , thank you !

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There is 1 humen that can be kind and help me here ?

Hello ?

Please help

All item posted here looks very amateurish, done in hurry and unfished. You need to create premium items. Also my advice is to start learning the design fundamentals. Ask yourself: Why someone will buy this? How your item can be useful? In which context?

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