Please, Help me know my mistakes!

Again, exclusive hard works have been rejected.
I observed so many similar best sellers and followed their mixing quallity and commercial compositional formats.
Few days ago they accepted an epic track that’s not much different than “Epic and Emotional”, so why approved that one but not this one?

I’m really frustrated, I really don’t understand the criteria, is there is a conspiracy against ambitious new authors, can there be reviewers with bad intentions? :thinking: ?

Your help is needed!
Thanks in Advance!

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Nice compositions! I think the problem lies in the mix/master. Very muddy with quite a bit of sizzle on the high-end. Basically not a lot of separation… things are masking each other quite badly. Both also sound very “smashed” at the final limiting stage, which is also giving your sound design elements quite a few artifacts.

You really need to compare your work to other work that has been accepted within the past month or two to make sure you are standing up. The track you mentioned that was already accepted might be pretty old at this point?

Sometimes it is a bit of a lottery but I think these can definitely be improved with a better mix/master.



Thank you, I have to admit I struggle with mastering, keeping the music loud along with orchestral dynamic changes is a bit challenging, I thought I got it right though.
I hope this is the problem, At least I know where to look!

As for the accepted track It’s made exactly from the same palette, just different conext and notations, both were created during the same week.

You can check it out here:

I indeed need to research Mastering more, but there is indeed a lottery in here.

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Yep, my comments would be the same about that one as well, i think if you just eased of the limiter a little bit would probably help, but I’m definitely no expert when it comes to mastering either!!

It is a bit of a lottery here these days unfortunately… just the way it is I guess. Good luck!


I am listening to “Emotional Piano and Strings”, it is supposed to be a calm piece of music, but it distorts heavily at around 0:35, and I have a feeling of lack of “breathing”, as if a big limiter had been added.

@RobertReid said it all I think :slight_smile: