please help me if slow loading my html

Hi to all:

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Please help me, if loading of my html is ok or slow? I need will fix code javascript loading before submit themeforest thanks.



6.7 seconds is too long:


My hosting is good bandwidth but how I can make very fast loading? please help me thanks.

Follow the suggestions in the link above.

Yes but I don’t know how I can fix very fast.

I don’t think your template is slow, but if you wanna make it faster i suggest your reduce the size of your Mockup images but try not to make the quality bad.

As you can see these images are making your template a bit slow, but don’t worry its easy to fix.

Just Reduce the size of iphone.png and section-video.png and screen-*.png images by decreasing their resolution and convert them to JPG since they are not transparent (JPG file format makes it easier to optimize the image for faster loading)

Good luck!

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Many thanks I will fix it before submit themeforest, regards. :slight_smile:

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Good luck @jeriteam007

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I recommend working on the elements that are in the first screen. then you can remove the preloader

check result u can by Audit tools

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Many thanks @ped4enko :slight_smile: