Please help me I can not understand.

You will not find any help answer here like: “Ok, i will teach you!”.
Search dude… “Tutorials from beginners”… I don’t know. You can create html websites, wordpress themes, whatever if you can learn about first.

As @odiusfly said any of these are ok but again even HTML and CSS you will need to know JS etc too and you will still be looking at 6 months+ to really be up to the standard.

The best advice anyone can give you is that focussing on quick earning is the worst possible thing you can do.

Success here comes from time, patience and commitment

The way I learned to use audio software was by watching youtube tutorials for hours and hours. If you really want to learn you can find it all on the internet. It’s gonna take time, but all the information is out there.

  1. Ask yourself what job you would like to do when you have 60 years ?
  2. Then tranform your dream in to something real like a hoby
  3. Transform the hobby into a job
  4. Get money from the job
    5 doing what you like = time = passion = $$$$
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lol most of the time that’s more hard work, dedication time and so on that money in the end … not so many of us really live well out of their passion , unfortunately …