Please help me I can not understand.

What will happen if there is no 1000 purchases in 6 months?

Why would there need to be 1000 sales in 6
Months for anyone?

I do not know. Please help I’m an orphan I just need the money and I want to make money on their own knowledge but do not have enough knowledge to do so. What should I do.

Are you read first before you post? Why use the word “orphan”? To get 1000 sales? How? As gift?
You said: “do not have enough knowledge…”, so start from this part. First find what you want to learn, what you like. Read by books, tutorials and start to create your own designs. But even you learn more nobody knows if can get 1000 sales in 6 months or less. Don’t think the money always. Everybody here want to make many sales. Start to learn first and money will come later. Cheers…

Sorry I really don’t follow you.

You want to sell files here but you don’t know enough about creative development?

This is a marketplace for pros and capable amateurs so regretfully you may struggle without the expertise to produce the necessary work.

I read somewhere that says if the items to be purchased 1,000 times, the money can not receive

I read somewhere that says if the goods not purchased 1,000 times, the money can not receive

Not sure where you read that. There is a minimum withdrawal amount, which starts at $50 depending on the method, but there’s no requirement for you to sell a certain amount of files. Depending on what you sell and which licenses are bought, you might make that $50 in 100 sales or in just one sale.

Where did you read this? At forums? Post by author, envato team, who? Share the link…

I forgot where I read
I think read at the forum

As i said before, start to learn first… Money will come later.

help me brother

Google it… Youtube… We are in 2016. All things are out there. Do you like to design logos, to create after effects templates, music, websites… Search it… Can’t post you links to learn. Just search… and you will find it!

I have a low level of English.
I read the book, but the little that I understand

I want to create wordpress themes please tell me where to start and what to study?

Watch tutorial videos… If can’t understand English, start from this part. If you want to make money need to have good communication skills. Will you need this at the future.

As i said before… google it, find youtube tutorials, or buy tutorials.
You can see also this:
or this:
or this:
or this:

Tuts+ and WP codex are great suggestions

Bear in mind that if it are starting from scratch as a beginner then realistically you are looking at anything from 6 months to a year or even more before being really ready to submit themes here.

Maybe start with something more basic?

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what exactly?

I can make a website in HTML and CSS?

Thank you so much