Please help me friends, what's wrong with this item, why hard rejected

Sorry but with respect this is all sorts of wrong - major issues throughout with spacing hierarchy, typography, margins , colours, layouts etc.

Particularly in such a crowded category the attention to detail and refinement is going to need to be a lot higher

Your menu scream amateurish! You just ignored all design rules and principles and your design is light years away from approval quality.

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hi i guess what u should start with is just to try to learn basic design principles , i guess u will easily identify what u failed to do properly … so here we go : contrast, alignment, repetition and proximity. Well ok , repetition u have it lol but maybe trying to repeat items that are rather good looking would be better than doing with eye dazzling ones lol kidding, pls do not take this personally this is just a joke. Indeed, what i are trying to explain is see point 1

1- colors
pls think about complementary colors, if u do not know what i refer to, just google it … otherwise u can think about shades of the same colors and themes associated to colors, they are usually smart and safe choices
the problem with what u have right now is that - if want to make a joke and tease u a bit - u need to put glasses on to be able to see your design lol this yellow so very aggressive and flashy … see point 2
2- cmyk colors are expected
this is a print template meant to be printed and thus u must select the proper color mode selection. Judging by what u have i really doubt that this is what u have done this far … Look, if by miracle the item had been accepted and had been sold , the people buying it may blame u for not having the same color once the colors have been transposed …
3- contrast
much a big deal indeed, this is driving u in a snowball effect to other kind of issues … but alone this is already a major mistake and for the rest see following points…
4- readability
this is resulting from the lack of contrast, a good deal of texts are simply very hard to read … or not opposing out …
5- hierarchy is weak
once again this is somehow related to the contrast issue but not only … the fact of the matter is that all the typo is too flat and titles and so on do not vary in any other way than in size … this is not enough to catch the attention , create relief, and so on …
6- coherence
well, i know that some part maybe sorted as creativity but quite frankly i do not get it … why placing some grunge bullets in a food menu from which the grunge style does not transpire from any where else ?
7- finition
this would be a good idea that u bring some shadowing in such a context in order t smoothen transition and the colors are very aggressive and contrasting and the whole display looks like a succession of big blocks …
8- marketing issues
u know what your customers would like u to do ? lol this is highlighting the brand … this is a very important issues and with the way u have drown the logo in the rest, the way this is not popping out in any way, the way the name is not valued or somehow prevailing over the rest , then the brand is given no impact
9- global style
think about what u are creating in the perspective of a customer. Would u buy this item if u had a restaurant? i guess that the answer is no. Why? because of the things that i evolved previously , first, but not only, because the global style is super flat and there is almost no graphic design in this one, so very little creativity , too, to say the least. U need to push the envelope, u need to create something so that other people may not feel they can redo it easily and that this is worth paying for to save some time …
10- commercial potential
indeed, this is linked to the end of point 9 … why buying a thing that is not bringing anything much to the table in terms of technique, creativity , gain of time or whatever else and in the same extent, for the reviewers, why accepting an item with close to 0 chance to sell … think about it ,since, in the end , what did u have in the main file? texts, circular bullets and one icon … this is not worth paying for, in other words …
11- background
this is more or less related to point 10, but this particularly true with the background … there is nothing but a gradient … what about putting “your touch” into this one ? what about melting pictures , introducing some textures , or lots of other things?

Thanks for the answers this was a big help for me