Please help me for Theme

I’m doing Psd theme, I’ll be coding later
But I am new
The theme is beautiful
There are absolutely places I do wrong
How should I follow a theme for Envato
Please help me
Psd is about to run out
I could be wrong write I’m sorry I’m sorry

the design part is almost over
tonight I’m going to start coding

Show me a way to follow

I looking for someone to create my psd

category in which you want the psd.

technology, magazin, trade…?

What I do is technology

truly unique

I have to think to give it

You should share a demo link/image of he item - that’s the only way anyone can provide useful feedback

W: 2560
H: ----

Edges will be empty
Content is measured
Is this true?

I set the lines in the middle as equally spaced as the other pictures, but I’m doing it equally with each other but I have to use special measurement for that?

It all depends on your design.

There’s no obligation to follow specific rules (except obviously design fundamentals and best practice).

But what you have there does not align to the grid liens?

I am not sure I fully understand the question and thought you had a completed design?

With respect this is a marketplace intended for pros and if this side of it is an issue or confuses anyone then it may hot be a suitable place for them to be creating items for

Everything fits together, but the guide lines are missing and I will not mind if I add them later.

Is the design over?
Icons of design left.

It is absolutely beautiful.
I do not call it beautiful because it looks really professional.

Thank you for responding to my questions

I don’t understand sorry - that’s just an image of grid guidelines and some mis aligned red boxes

I have progressed this way.
I do not want to show the theme.

Well there’s not much help people can give without seeing the full design but based only on that header it’s not up to he standard

I understand you
Correcting headline is not a problem
I think other parts are appropriate
I plan to finish the design in a short time
Thank you again

I will add icons and upload them here

The best advice would be to complete the design and then share the full thing (noone can/will steal it if you have already shared it) or even submit it and then share it.

You won’t be able to get proper or valuable feedback without seeing the whole thing

Could you tell me the flaws in the design?

Sorry but this is a long way off the required standard for here.

It’s impossible to give detailed feedback as the design does not feel at all premium and everything needs serious attention including from design fundamentals like spacing, alignment, hierarchy, typography, spacing etc.

Take a look at the big selling items already for sale and the design quality and attention to detail

Would you like to open it a little more?
Or a little more descriptive?
I do not know exactly what the mistake is
I do not understand you

I don’t understand the mistake

Tha’s the problem ther esi not one thing or even a few that are a problem. I don;t mean to be harsh but the entire file needs rethinking.

Just as some examples:

  • the logo doesn’t align to the res of the page

  • the diagonal sections of the main content are not straight or cleanly sliced

  • there’s no footer

  • the typography needs completely rethinking esp the hierarchy

  • even little attention to detail like the top/bottom padding on the search icon is not even. This is the least of your issues but it’s a good example of how flawless designs need to be here.

Even if you coded it then you would still not be where it needs to be, but PSDs are super difficult to get approved as they must be premium enough to warrant someone wanting to code it up and flawless pixel perfect in design.

I am not a reviewer and it’s your choice to follow on with it. Again I don’t mean to be unpleasant but in my view you are wasting your time with this as it is.

Have you seen the versatility, accuracy, quality in design etc. of the bigger selling PSDs here?

I will make perfect.
It will be perfect when I come back.
There will be no mistakes.
Thank you.
See you next week.