Please, help me find out why my project was hard rejected


My slideshow was hard rejected and though I can’t re-submit it, still I’d like to know what I could improve. Please, give me your advice.

Hi, friend! Transitions are good, but everything else… You should check another slideshows on VH and see how people bring life to photos. Right now you need to find a way to bring dynamic into this, maybe add some text.

Don’t give up, spent some time studing from other authors, after you watch 10-15 videos on VH you will see what you can improve. And don’t be sad if you find that level of projects out there is to high for you, step by step - this is only way to improve.

So the advice is to check how others do slideshows first, and bring more motion to you project is second. Good luck!.

Hello! Thanks a lot, I agree
I should add more dynamic and bring life to the photos. Thanks for your advice, I appreciate it!

I agree. Photos are just stationary. There should be movement, and some interesting effects to them as well. Good luck with your next projects!

Thanks for your reply!

I tried to apply all the recommendations, made some changes and decided to resubmit it, but, unfortunately, it was hard rejected again.
Could you please advise me how to improve it?

Okay, that was first step of improving, now you need take it further. Check youtube for tutorials about how to add some animations to static photo. You added some motion but images are still not “alive”. Check some parallax tutorials and check what is 12 basic animation principles. Step by step you will get there, don’t get discouraged by reject you on the right path even it feels wrong right now. And watch similar videos on VH to see the difference between you project and others, try to see them in separate pieces like, what happens with image, what happens with text, what happens with transitions and figure it out and the apply this to your slideshow.

Thanks a lot, bl1ndt1ger, for your support and for spending your time on this!
I really appreciate it.
This helped me not to give up.
Thanks for your recommendations (I’ll especially think of studying parallax tutorials, among other things).
However, I think about starting another project instead of this one…
Thanks again!