Please help me find an icon on graphicriver

I’m looking for a modern/flat icon or icon set that illustrates the musical theatre genre. I could’t find a single one when searching on graphicriver but maybe you know one and can post the link so that I can buy it?
Most icons here illustrate theatre/opera or just show music but there is nothing that combines acting and singing. Or maybe you have an icon that shows a cat with a mask to combine Cats with Phantom of the Opera? Just an example, feel free to show me something else.
Thanks for your replies.

hi, if u need a cat with a mask, i may do for you, pls let me know if u are interested :wink: otherwise, when it comes to finding the icon, i am afraid that unless there are a lot of guys co,insulting this thread and that one has this type of item, maybe it will difficult to find this way