please help me error export my template kit...

Hi to all:


I don’t can fix it…

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It says you need to remove all those URLs.


The beginning of each line says “Please remove external URL”, and then tells you which ones to remove. It sort of looks like you’re not able to use external links in your template kit.

Hey @JeriTeam are you submitted a template kit Template Kits Upload Bonanza ?
As i know you are not a wordpress developer! Are you a WordPress developer ?

Yes but I don’t know where remove link, noting help me.

Are you a CMS or WP developer ?

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Yes joomla and wordpress

I have good idea I will fix some remove link, thank you so much.

You can get idea about template kit from here

I already find solved my template kit :slight_smile: remove some widget Error link, export 100% :slight_smile: thank you so much.

It is a bug, they are not external URL like you can see

Hello, I have the same problem. I’ve got a long chain of error like this. How did you solve it? Thanks.