Please help me before resubmit woocommerce theme.



My theme is hard reject.

I have updated the typo, images, text and could you can help me to review before resubmit ?

Thank you very much.


Nice looking it. but taking too time to load .
After clicking add to cart there is problem .highly requested to solve it.


Thank you for comment. I will check it.


Have a look:
IMO it should be at least 80


It looks nice to me. Loading pretty fast too. Take a look at the coding aspect over here:

WordPress Soft-Rejection Reasons

Hope this helps and good luck :slight_smile:


Thank you. I will active the WP Super Cache and use CDN.


Thank you for your comment. I hope it will not be hard reject again.


Check this - something strange between product image and right column:
Whole template looks good.


Thank you very much.


Hola, friends!

Can you guys please help us as well as we have the same problem, our theme is hard rejected several times, ant feedback is appreciated.

Here is our demo url:

Here is the link to our topic:

Please give us your valuable feedback so we can do something to get approved.