Please help me! Any problem this page


If you are trying to present it to TF, then you have serious typographic problems and visual hierarchy problems,

You need to fix all these problems and then try to offer something different of high quality.

If you work hard you can get it soon

Best regards


Please u marked where typography & hierarchy problems. i cant understand.

Would you be so kind as to tell me at least one or two mistakes with typography and hierarchy in my template? It will help me a lot.

Maybe coded with a few additional features and some relatively simple updates you might have a chance, but as a PSD you are going to struggle due to the more strict requirements around attention to detail and flawless design.

As an example - in the first section ‘About’ you have 4 different style in a tiny amount of content

When I refer to serious typographical problems I mean it is in general, therefore I couldn’t tell you where exactly the problem is, because it is everywhere. And what can you do to improve it; you need to learn a little more about the size, weight, color, font, contrast etc. But also and even more important is to find a suitable proportion for the type of project.

@charlie4282 said something very valuable to you, and you possibly have more possibilities.

Keep working you can post it again in this forum and you will receive good opinions if you improve.

Good luck with hard work


Practice area hover is too hard. Reduce shadow, and increase the title font size. I think some elements repeated design & hover. Add one of the element fullwidth onehalf full img & onehalf consultant details. I think scroll down your page missing attorney theme elements. Commitment section alignment missing. Why choose us section bg img vision issue.

Dear junglethemes your review is lot of help me. iofcourse i follow ur comments. its realy great review for me. thanks…