Please help me about my rejected theme

Today i received an email from Envato Market that my phpBB theme unfortunately isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward.

I am very sad because of that, and it is very difficult for me now. Because i do not know what is the reason for the refusal. Also at this moment i am working a new theme, and at the same time i would love to fix or improve rejected phpBB theme.

But i do not know what to do about rejected phpBB theme. I was searching and reading other topics on Envato forums, but unfortunately i can not find a specific answer. Because the problem can be in design, or something else.

Therefore i am asking you please help me, and please tell me what is reason for the refusal.

this is demo:

also theme has many functions like:

• 11 different colour theme styles
• Fully Responsive
• File uploader for images
• Header image background
• Theme Options Panel
• Fixed or Boxed Layout
• Customisable Social Icons
• Social share
• Scroll to top button
• Profile Side Switcher (Left or Right)
• Custom page
• Custom Forum icons
• MailChimp Subscribe
• Custom CSS code editor
• Smooth scroll
• Ads & banners ready
• HTML widgets
• RTL language support
• Custom Footer content
• Collapsible categories
• Set forum width
• Sidebars (Left, Right, Header, Footer)
• Password strength checker
• Google Web Fonts
• Sticky header
• Favicon image
• Logo Image
• Custom second rank image
• Google analytics

I hope you can help me

Thank you

Have a nice day

anyone please :frowning_face:


Your design looks outdated. You really need to improve the spacing and typography. And that color picker panel needs to have toggle button to close & open it.

Check out the other items in that category to understand what to improve.
Here is an great example: FLATBOOTS

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I really appreciate your answer. So you believe that the most probable problem is outdated design ?

I’m currently working on a new theme that should not be outdated when we speak about design.

Can you please tell me what kind of improvements i can do in design for current theme ?

Thank you