Please Help Me,30 Music Hard Rejected,Why?

Here is my 2 cents for what its worth:

It seems you are following the structure of a “DJ Mix” with the extended intro. I would def shorten your intro for the main version (bring the good stuff in sooner :slight_smile: ) and maybe include this version as an option (extended mix)

The melody you used near the end is great, I would bring it in sooner, maybe even in the intro.

Good luck

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I’m not the best to comment in this genre, but like @RockLab says, definately change the structure and bring the good stuff earlier. So bring the part from 1:15 somewhere between 0:05 and 0:20. And maybe some real pauze in the middle, or less instruments.
Good luck!


tnx my friend

tnx a lot

how is mix and mastering?