Please, help! Improve your karma!)

Hello everyone!
I’ve got tons of rejections. Please tell me, what’s wrong with this track?

The intro just loops for the whole track and doesn’t go change or progress. It sounds like it should lead to something like a chord progression or variation of the melody with some strings to add harmony.

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Agree with Abandon87. It needs a 2nd chord sequence with different feel [?], breakdown somewhere, middle-8, which leads into finale.

Thank you! I’ll pay more attention to music. Is anything wrong in mixing\mastering?

Thank you!) Yes, music is weak in this track. What can you say about mixing\mastering? It’s my main problem…

Although I am not an expert in this genre, the whistle is too high pitched. The pizzicato sounds fine, but are a bit out of style. Otherwise, everything is fine.

Thank you!)