Please help. I posted a psd postcard and it was rejected. Any possible reasons


hi, hard to tell , maybe font issues or maybe they did not like the fact that both sides are black … i would personally recommend having a white side, after , is it the reason for teh rejection?

Okay Thank You Very Much

They didn’t specify the reason. It was hard rejected.

:slight_smile: you should see what is going on envato elements. Many very good designers have their tens and hundrets item deleted with no reason - just like that, and I mean really good designers because not everyone is invited to sell on elements.

Last month my 40 business cards on envato elements was deleted from elements just like that :slight_smile: no reason. hehehehe many contributors there had tons of items deleted, and what is shocking… this is normal there :slight_smile:

so stay strong, it could be worst :smiley:

lol and u are nice enough to suppose that only good ones are invited there lol or that all good ones are invited … LOL which is would be great but far from reality all teh same …

and one more thing, when you adding item on elements you can ad item number from graphicriver if this item is also on the graphicriver in your portfolio…

so your item is approved on graphicriver - if you want you can add this item on elements too and you can add item number so envato team can see this item was approved on GR… and those items are deleted massively, :slight_smile:

yes good designers adding their approved on GR items and same items are removed from elements.

Some people showed on the elements forum (closed forum only for contributors) their best selling items on envato elements … and those items was deleted too.

This is insanity what is going on there :slight_smile:


and you forgot to mention the incredibly non sensical things going on here with teh reviewing system! i have had three designs hard rejected when all of them were accepted as flyers but as facebook cover and badges they could not make it … who can believe that the same design is ending up in being approved and hard rejected according to the format …

with the two badges , the thing is even more incoherent indeed … one was hard rejected , though i had explained and linked that the design had been approved previously, i reposted as such - it was the first time ever i did this when some guys deliberately do - and explained and finally it was approved (probably a reviewer making a little bit more sense, halleluyah) and , in addition, the concerned design was selling very well in all formats … (BTW the concerned badge was sold ever since …)
and as for the second one the thing has been hard rejected so i unfortunately ended up making the same thing (2 second time only since i was forced into doing …), insisting on the fact that the design had been accepted as a flyer and the thing should be approved in the end they have queued it for more tnan 5 days now , supposedly for further review! incredible! what they are waiting for? don’t know, especially when review time is not long at this time and submitting a new one and having it reviewed amounts to waiting about not over two days … the conclusion is how can this system look credible in all such conditions / blatant incoherences?

This is serious.

I changed the back of the design to white as suggested and this time around it was approved
Thanks n2n44

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i am happy for u … though i am not 100% sure that it had to do with what i said lol this change was logical indeed but this may have been a issue of reviewer too, how to know?

Really reviewers also course this problem? as in a reviewer can reject it just for the fact that he doesn’t like it?
Don’t they have specific specifications for approving items?

They Just rejected this as well after it has been under review for close to 5 days

What could possible be the course this time around?

i send u a PM buddy

apart from the typo what else could it be?

But I Used the same typo for the first one which got approved

maybe this is what tehy are reproaching lol who knows? lol