please help, I don't approve after effects projects

please help, I don’t approve of after effects projects, here’s one of them. Most is not clear. I deleted a previously approved project from the old account, uploaded it to the new one and didn’t approve it either, how does it work at all ?? Preview Video .mp4 — Яндекс.Диск

Resubmitting previously deleted items in any account is not allowed and will never be approved

And if I let’s say I improved the project, changed the look, added new compositions. Then they can approve?

I understand, but the main question is that I do not confirm any new projects, for example, here is one of them Preview Video .mp4 — Яндекс.Диск
I can’t understand the reason

Would need to be to the extent of being seen as a new item



Understood, thanks, can you say something about why the projects are not approved?
looking at the video
inside the archive everything is there, a link to the font, a tutorial, a link to the streaming video. Expression Universalizer is available. There are controllers, but for some reason they do not approve

Sorry video is not my category and I would not be the right person to be able to advise.

Hope someone can provide useful answers