Please help, how do I get Envato to remove items that do not provide support to the buyer

Please help, how do I get Envato to remove items that do not provide support to the buyer. they did not reply to my messages from August 14th until now.

the seller will only eat your money, provide temporary support, after which they leave without news, and without caring about errors after that. They will not reply to your messages unless you pay them back.

I even created a new message for them, posing as a new buyer, at the same time my message was replied to (as a new buyer).

As a longtime buyer my messages were not replied to, not even read.

Where did you get the item from?

You have no buyer badge on this profile and had an item come from Elements then there wouldbe no support included.

I got the item from here and I bought it through payoneer. it turns out that a lot of their comments feel they don’t get support from the author

You can contact Envato Help and ask for a refund, but you will of course have to use an account with which you’ve purchased this item (you’ve certainly didn’t buy it, or anything else, with this account).

The author already explained - they will only support proven buyers - so if you login usign the right account then they will offer support.

They are not refusing to support custimers - they are asking you to login with the appropriate account.

If you bought it here then share the purchase code with the author as a way of validating it.

The author knows I bought the application through Payoneer … he doesn’t care, they are not professional, even I still have proof of payment to them.

That doesn’t look like a purchase through CodeCanyon - the amount is wrong and there’s no mention of envato? It looks like you paid them directly for something.

You can let support know, but if you paid for something off the network then there is nothing that envato will be able to do to help you. Envato Market Help and Support

Yes, actually I just need a little support from them, if only they help with this. I won’t bother them anymore

If you didn’t buy it via Envato, then you need to deal with it outside of Envato.

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Lots of people who bought a cheap theme outside of Envato then requested support here. Please be a smart buyer.

I bought it at a high price, I bought it from the author on Envato, only transactions outside of Envato, I do this because I hope their support is maximized when I pay outside of Envato.

Given that the author is exclusive, they are breaching their agreement with envato by selling it to you directly.

That said, this does not change the fact that no one at envato will be able to help with a third party transaction