Please HELP ! Hard Rejected Business Card

Can anyone throw an eye over this psd business card and tell me what is wrong I got hard reject , is its design ?

  • Since some questions …
    Design fault is this card?
    I must use a certain mock -up ?
    Am I allowed to use a layer of “Edit Colors” ?
    Shapes sites allowed to leave the canvas ?
    I must use a specific vector world map with a qr code or what?
    Please , I was hard reject to this category and can not understand what the problem is because I read the rules , I received advice but do not get any feedback. If you bothered to look over my psd and tell me what’s wrong I appreciate wholeheartedly . Thank you,
    If anyone can answer my every question individually.



Hi again:

I not can help sell card business because rejected also :frowning:


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@JeriThemes i’ll apreciate you respond anywey, no problem, i wish accept you. Thanx

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